7 Autumn 1

Algebraic Thinking


Sequences are at the very heart of mathematical thinking. The ability to spot a pattern both in diagrams and numbers enables one to spot trends and make predictions on outcomes. Pupils will also begin to learn how to use algebra to generalise the structure of arithmetic, including to formulate
mathematical relationships.

Detailed medium term plan can be found here

Lesson Resources

Exploring Sequences 

Lesson 1 – Can Mathematics be beautiful? 

Lesson 2 – Other representations of sequences 

Lesson 3 – Linear sequences 

Lesson 4 – Frogs

Lesson 5 – Non-linear sequences

Understanding and using algebraic notation 

Lesson 6 – Functions Machines

Lesson 7– Algebraic conventions and function machines

Lesson 8 – Two step function machines

Lesson 9 – Substitution

Lesson 10 – Generating sequences

Lesson 11 – Represent functions graphically

Equality and Equivalence 

Lesson 12 – Number Walls and Fact Families

Lesson 13 – Solving one step equations (using number wall and function machines)

Lesson 14 – Like terms

Lesson 15 – Magic Squares  

Lesson 16 – Equal or equivalent