Year 10

A simplified overview of the Year 10 Curriculum. 

Autumn 1  Trigonometry, Surds and Pythagoras 

Foundation & Higher
  • Use trigonometric ratios to find missing lengths and angles in triangles
  • Working with Surds (from Year 9 Summer 1) 
  • Find exact values for sin theta, cos theta and tan theta for key angles
  • Using Pythagoras Theorem (From Year 9 Summer 1) 
  • Solving Area, Trigonometry and Pythagoras Problems
Higher only
  • Rationalising Surds 
  • Use the Sine and Cosine rules to find missing lengths and angles
  • Find the area of triangles using trigonometry
Further Maths GCSE
  • Equation of a Straight Line 
  • Binomial Expansion

Autumn 2 Circles and Equations

Foundation & Higher
  • Calculate arc lengths, angles and areas of sectors
  • Solving and forming simultaneous equations by elimination
  • Drawing Quadratic Graphs (From Year 9 Spring 2) 
  • Finding the roots of quadratic equations by factorising (From Year 9 Spring 2) 
  • Form and Solve Quadratic Equations by Factorising (From Year 9 Spring 2) 
Higher only
  • Factorising quadratics where a > 1 (From Year 9 Spring 2) 
  • Equation of a Circle
  • Solving and forming simultaneous equations by substitution
  • Finding the intersection of lines and curves
Further Maths GCSE
  • Factor Theorem 
  • Further Trigonometry 
  • Working Trigonometric Identities 
  • Solving Trigonometric Equations 

Spring 1 Science Skills

Foundation & Higher
  • Related Calculations
  • Negative Indices 
  • Work with numbers in Standard Form
  • Solve problems involving measure such as speed, density and pressure.
  • Changing Units
  • Surface Area of Prisms, cylinders, cones and spheres. 
  • Volume of prisms, cylinders, cones, pyramids and spheres. 
Higher only
  • Fractional Indices 
  • Index Laws in Context
  • Approximate the gradient of a curve at a given point and the area under a graph.
  • Interpret these values in real-life problems including kinematic graphs.
  • Further volume and surface area problems. 
Further Maths GCSE
  • Solving equations with 3 unknowns 
  • Equation of a Circle with centre (a, b) 
  • Geometric Proof 

Common Assessment 1 (Week Commencing 8th Feb 2021)

Spring 2 Sequences and Graphs

Foundation & Higher
  • Using iterative methods to generate different types of sequences
  • Working with nth term of linear sequence
  • Sequences and Ratio 
  • Combining Ratios 
  • 1:n 
  • Unit Pricing and Currency Conversions  
  • Solve Direct and Inverse Proportion Problems
  • Recognise graphs showing direct and inverse proportion

Higher only
  • Finding the nth term of a Quadratic Sequence
  • Solving Equations using Iterative methods
  • Solving Quadratic Inequalities
  • Function Notation
  • Working with Compound Functions
  • Inverse Functions 
  • Recognise and draw cubic and reciprocal functions
  • Recognise and draw graphs of exponential functions
  • Recognise and sketch translations and reflections of graphs
Further Maths GCSE
  • Gradient of a tangent 
  • Differentiation 
  • Equations of tangents and normals

Summer 1 Delving into Data

Foundation & Higher
  • Working with averages and range
  • Estimating the Mean from a grouped Frequency Table 
  • Constructing and Interpreting Pie Charts
  • Use tables and line graphs to represent time series

Higher Only
  • Construct and Interpret Cumulative Frequency Tables and Graphs
  • Construct and Interpret BoxPlots
  • Construct and Interpret Histograms
Further Maths GCSE
  • Increasing and Decreasing Functions 
  • Stationary Points and classification 
  • Sketching and interpreting curves using calculus 


Summer 2 Further Probability and Combinatorics

Foundation & Higher
  • Combinations
  • Understanding independent events
  • Using Two way tables
  • Using Tree Diagrams
Higher only
  • Conditional Probability from Tree Diagrams
  • Conditional Probability from Venn Diagrams
  • Algebraic Probability problems
Further Maths GCSE
  • Limiting value of a sequence 
  • Drawing Piece-wise functions 
  • Domain and Range of a Function 
Common Assessment 2 (Week Commencing 21th June 2021)