Year 8

A simplified overview of the Year 8 Curriculum.

Please see the half term page for a more detailed version.

Autumn 1 Proportional Reasoning


  • Divide in a given ratio
  • Express ratios in their simplest integer form
  • Compare ratios and related fractions
  • Solve problems involving ratio of the form 1 : n or n : 1
  • Solve proportional problems in the form m : n
  • Understand pi as a ratio between diameter and circumference

Multiplicative Reasoning

  • Explore conversion graphs
  • Convert between currencies
  • Understand scale factors as multiplicative representations
  • Draw and interpret scale diagrams and maps

Autumn 2 Mathematical Representations

Working in the Cartesian Plane

  • Work with coordinates in all four quadrants
  • Identify and draw lines parallel to the axes
  • Recognise and use lines in the form y = x + c
  • Recognise and use lines in the form y = mx

Scatter Graphs

  • Draw and interpret Scatter Graphs
  • Understand and describe linear correlation
  • Draw and use lines of best fit

Working with sample space diagrams

  • Read and interpret frequency tables
  • Represent data in two-way tables
  • Find probabilities from two way tables
  • Construct sample spaces for 1 or more events
  • Use the product rule to find the total number of possible outcomes

Spring 1 Algebraic Techniques

Brackets, equations and inequalities

  • Use basic index rules
  • Use algebraic conventions
  • Multiply single brackets
  • Factorise single brackets
  • Form equations and inequalities
  • Use different representations for equations
  • Solve linear equations
  • Solve word problems that lead to linear equations
  • Ratio and Algebra problems
  • Solve linear inequalities


  • Find patterns in spatial sequences
  • Find different ways of describing spatial sequences
  • Find the nth term of linear sequences
  • All about Fibonacci

Spring 2  Developing Number

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

  • Find the product of any pair of fractions
  • Divide any pair of fractions
  • Multiply and divide with algebraic fractions

Working with fractions and percentages

  • Find percentages of amounts
  • Find percentage increase and decrease

Summer 1 Developing Geometry

Angles in Polygons

  • Understand and use the properties of diagonals of quadrilaterals
  • Understand and use the sum of exterior and interior angles in any polygon.

Further area and perimeter

  • Calculate the area of a trapezium
  • Find the circumference of a circle given a radius or diameter and vice versa
  • Find the length of arcs
  • Find the area of a circle given a radius or diameter and vice versa
  • Find the area and perimeter of compound shapes involving circles

Symmetry and Reflection

  • Recognise line symmetry
  • Recognise rotational symmetry
  • Reflect shapes in vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines

Summer 2 Statistics and probability

The data handling cycle

  • Design and critise questionnaires
  • Draw and interpret bar charts, line charts and line graphs

Measures of Location

  • Understand and use the mean, median and mode
  • Choose the most appropriate average
  • Work with frequency tables
  • Identify outliers
  • Compare distributions