9 Summer 1



During this half term students will squares and square roots before moving on to investigate the relationship between the sides of a right-angled triangle. The converse of the theorem is emphasised so that students are aware that if the sides of a triangle satisfy the rule then the triangle must be right-angled. Students explore the theorem in context, including on coordinate axes and 3D shapes.

Additionally students will be introduced to the idea of irrational numbers and work with surds as this links to solutions often found when working with Pythagoras Theorem.


Lesson 1 Tilted squares
Lesson 2Introduction to Pythagoras – finding the hypotenuse
Lesson 3 Pythagoras – finding a shorter side
Lesson 4 Pythagoras problems
Lesson 5Introducing surds
Lesson 6 Simplifying surds
Lesson 7 Simplifying surds using prime factorisation
Lesson 8Manipulating surds
Lesson 9Expanding a single bracket containing surds
Lesson 10 Expanding double brackets containing surds
Lesson 11Rationalising Surds
Lesson 12Visualising in 3D
Lesson 13Pythagoras in 3D
Lesson 14Solving 3D Pythagoras problems
Lesson 15Solving 3D Pythagoras in pyramids
Lesson 16Pyramids of Giza

Updated April 2024