9 Summer 1

Pythagoras, Surds and Surface Area

Lesson 1 Tilted squares
Lesson 2Introduction to Pythagoras – finding the hypotenuse
Lesson 3 Pythagoras – finding a shorter side
Lesson 4 Pythagoras problems
Lesson 5Pythagoras problems that lead to quadratic equations
Lesson 6Introducing surds
Lesson 7Simplifying surds
Lesson 8Manipulating surds
Lesson Expanding brackets containing surds
Lesson Rationalising Surds
Lesson 9Visualising in 3D
Lesson 10Pythagoras in 3D
Lesson 11Solving 3D Pythagoras problems
Lesson 12Solving 3D Pythagoras in pyramids
Lesson 13Pyramids of Giza
Lesson 14Surface area of pyramids
Lesson 15 Surface area of cuboids
Lesson 16 Area and Circumference of a Circle
Lesson 17 Surface area of a cylinder
Lesson 18 Surface area of a cone
Updated July 21