7 Spring 1



Number is at the heart of our Year 7 curriculum as this enables students to be successful in all other strands of Mathematics. Calculator use is discouraged within this unit to provide further opportunities for students to practice and develop the procedures and algorithms they mastered in KS2.

Lesson Resources

Addition & Subtraction

Lesson 1 – Addition and Subtraction with Standard Form

Lesson 2 – Perimeter

Lesson 3 – Bank Statements

Lesson 4 – Frequency Trees

Lesson 5 – Bar Charts and Line Graphs

Multiplication & Division

Multiplication and Division

Lesson 6 – HCF

Lesson 7 – LCM

Lesson 8 – Comparing Methods of Multiplication

Lesson 9 – Finding areas of rectangles

Lesson 10 – Find area of Parallelograms

Lesson 11 – Find area of Triangles

Lesson 12 – Find area of Trapezia

Lesson 13 – Understanding the division algorithm

Lesson 14 – Order of operations

Lesson 15 – Mean Problems


Fractions and Percentages of amounts (MOVING TO SUMMER TERM)

Link to basic addition and subtraction lessons