7 Spring 2

Directed Number & Fractional Thinking


This unit is designed to extend and deepen pupils understanding of directed numbers and fractions. We will use a vertical number line alongside double sided counters to represent and work with directed numbers. We will use a horizontal number line alongside multiple representations to develop students conceptual understanding of fractions. These representations and contexts will be used to ensure pupils appreciate the meaning these types of numbers rather than relying on a set of potentially confusing “rules”.

Please see here for resources including LPA & HPA guidance, further exemplar questions, worksheets and videos.

Medium term plan can be found here

Lesson Resources

Operations with Directed Number

Lesson 1 – Which is larger?

Lesson 2 – Adding Negative Numbers

Lesson 3 – Subtracting Negative Numbers

Lesson 4 – Comparing Temperatures

Lesson 5Evaluating Negative Number Statements

Lesson 6 – Multiplication and Division with negative numbers

Lesson 7 – Order of operations with negative numbers

Lesson 8 – Collecting like terms with negative numbers

Lesson 9 – Solving two step equations

Fractional Thinking

Lesson 10 – Improper Fractions

Lesson 11 – Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Lesson 12 – Adding and subtracting fractions with same denominator

Lesson 13 -Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominator

Lesson 14 – Adding and subtracting fractions magic squares and pyramids

Lesson 15 – Worded questions

Lesson 16 – Adding and Subtracting some algebraic fractions

Lesson 17 – Adding and Subtracting some more algebraic fractions

Check Point