Note: Multiplying and Dividing with fractions is down to be taught during Year 8 Autumn 1 in the original WRM scheme but this has been moved here to enable more time to focus on ratio and proportionality. Learners have had lots of experience of multiplying and dividing with fractions in Year 6. In this half term we seek to retrieve this knowledge and deepen understanding.

Following this learners with focus on how to increase and decrease an amount using a percentage multiplier. Financial maths is developed through the contexts introduced eg. profit, loss and interest. Percentage multipliers will then also be used to help learners understand how to calculate percentage change and original amounts following a percentage change.

The original WRM scheme also includes additional work with Standard Form. Across our trust this has been taught in Year 7 in line with the WRM HPA strand and to enable our learners to see standard form in both Maths and Science in Year 8. If time allows please also retrieve work with standard form.

Please see here for additional medium term plans and resources including LPA & HPA guidance, further exemplar questions, worksheets and videos.


Multiplying with fractions and decimals (KS2)

Factorising expressions (Year 8 Spring 1)

Converting between key fractions, decimals and percentages (Year 7 Summer 2)

Calculating key fractions, decimals and percentages of an amount with a calculator (Year 7 Summer 2)

Rounding values to a given number of significant figures and decimal places (Year 7 Autumn 2)

Form and solve simple equations (Year 7 Autumn & Year 8 Spring 1)

Calculate using the order of operations (Year 7 Spring 1)

Work with numbers in Standard Form (Year 7 Autumn 2)

Laws of indices (Year 8 Spring 1)


Find the product of sets of fractions

Divide with fractions

Simplify algebraic fractions

Use multipliers to increase and decrease by a percentage

Work out percentage change

Find the original amount following a percentage change

Estimate the answer to a calculation

Lesson Resources

Multiplying and Dividing by fractions

Lesson 1 – Multiplying fractions by an integer

Lesson 2 – Multiplying fractions

Lesson 3 – Introduction to division with fractions

Lesson 4 – Reciprocals

Lesson 5 – Dividing by fractions

Fractions & Percentages

Lesson 6 – Percentage of amounts without a calculator

Lesson 7 – Percentage of amounts with a calculator

Lesson 8 – Increasing and decreasing by a percentage

Lesson 9 – Introducing percentage multipliers

Lesson 10 – Repeated percentage change

Lesson 11 – Working out percentage change

Lesson 12 – Reverse percentages using multipliers

Lesson 13 – Reverse percentages without a calculator

Updated July 2024