Probability & Venn Diagrams


During this half term students will build on their learning in Year 7 and 8 to calculate the probabilities of single and combined events. A key focus is the introduction of independent events and the use of the multiplication rule. Students will also look at a variety of diagrams that support probability such as sample space diagrams, Venn diagrams and two-way tables. Tree diagrams are considered both with and without replacement.

Lesson 1 Comparing chances
Lesson 2Odds and Evens
Lesson 3Sample space diagrams
Lesson 4Which team will win?
Lesson 5The dog ate my homework
Lesson 6Who is cheating?
Lesson 7Prize giving
Lesson 8Frequency diagram stories
Lesson 9Tree diagrams
Lesson 10Tree diagrams without replacement
Lesson 11Introduction to Venn diagrams and set notation
Lesson 12Finding probabilities from Venn diagrams
Lesson 13Venn diagram mystery

Updated May 2024