9 Spring 2 Lesson 2

This activity could be worked through during a departmental meeting to ensure everyone is happy with how it works.

Students play a game in pairs on Desmos where one member of the pair picks a single parabola from a collection and the other asks yes/no questions in an attempt to guess which parabola their partner chose. The game provides students with a reason for noticing important features of parabolas—how else will you tell them apart?—and this in turn provides a need for words to name these features. “Does your graph cross the x-axis twice?” is a common question in Polygraph that leads to naming roots, for example. Some of this vocabulary development is built into the structure of the activity; classroom discussion following the activity can provide more of it.

Objective Identify important features of parabolas and precisely describe these features to their peers
Resources Desmos: Polygraph parabolas 

This blogpost has a few tips from a teacher who has tried this activity.