Forming and Solving Quadratic Equations by Factorising


Objective  To form and solve a quadratic equation by factorising
Resources Depending on your class, this lesson could take up several lessons.

Scaffold lesson 1: Building up quadratic equations from simple area problems

Scaffolding worksheet

Scaffold lesson 2:  Building up more difficult situations


More complicated problems:

The slides from this lesson are taken from Don Steward’s Median Website Form and solve a quadratic  (The Pythagoras slides will be added in the next unit of work)
There are three questions that will reinforce the algebraic areas from the Autumn 1 scheme so students should be able to work on these themselves either independently or in groups before going through them as a class.
All the questions result in a quadratic where a=1, however the third question requires a factor of 6 being removed first.