Wollaton Park

Medium Term Plans Spring Term

Target Grades 4-6

09/01/17 Standard Form Writing large and small numbers

Calculations using standard form

Averages from a Frequency Table* Determining the modal interval

Estimating the mean average

Determining the interval containing the median

16/01/17 Ratio Using bar models to solve tricky ratio problems
Enlargement* Enlarging a 2D shape given a scale factor and centre of enlargement
Similar Shapes Using scale factors to calculate missing lengths, area and volume.
23/01/17 Percentage Change Using bar models to solve percentage problems.

Using multipliers to increase/decrease amounts

Calculate an original price

Expanding Brackets Expanding and simplifying double and triple brackets containing algebraic terms.

Expanding single and double brackets containing surd terms.

30/01/17 Compound Interest Using percentage multipliers to calculate compound interest
Tree Diagrams Using a tree diagram to solve probability problems.
Cumulative  Frequency* Completing a cumulative frequency table and drawing a cumulative frequency graph

Using a cumulative frequency curve to estimate the median and quartiles.

06/02/17 Trigonometry Calculating missing lengths and angles in right angled triangles

Calculating the area of a non-right angled triangle

Functions* Understanding simple function notation

Working out the inverse function

20/02/17 Solving Equations Solving multi-step linear equations

Solving equations with the variable on both sides

Solving simultaneous equations

Solving quadratics using the quadratic formula