Friday Bulletin 30/9/16

Hello Maths,

I’d like to start today’s bulletin by saying goodbye to Katie and wishing her a fantastic maternity leave.  Katie has been working hard over the past few weeks creating homeworks to accompany the year 7 and 8 schemes of work. Time to put your feet up now – see you soon!

It was great seeing everyone at Aspley for CPL on Thursday (Don’t worry BBA Maths, we will repeat the session at this week’s faculty meeting).  Thank you all for joining in with such good spirit. We’re very lucky to work at a place where people are happy to work together and discuss their subject with such enthusiasm.

Several of you have asked for the resources from the session, so the Powerpoint is attached here.

If any of you do develop any resources using the unit circle or the ratio tables, please do share them.  Some of you might like to develop something to go towards one of your appraisal targets, if it fits in with your development plans.

Upcoming events

The first set of mock exams for year 11 have been confirmed for the week starting 7th November at all campuses. The timing are slightly different at each though, so your DoL will let you know the details for your own school. We will be collating all results before setting boundaries, so will be setting a deadline for results to be in.  I’ll let you know the deadlines closer to the time.

That’s all this week as we had the CPL so most things were covered there.

Have a great weekend. See you all next week.