Friday 18th November

Dear Maths

I’d like to start with a huge thank you to everyone for inputting all the data over the last two weeks.  In particular, the turnaround for the GCSE mock was fantastic. This means that Joel, Louise, Nick and myself are able to spend the afternoon analysing data and putting our intervention plans into place to maximise the amount of time between this mock and the next. The next mock is in the week before February half term.

As you will be aware, there are no grade boundaries available at the moment, so everyone around the country is struggling to make predictions. To help us make better predictions for the boundaries, I have been working with several schools from around the East Midlands to compare results. The boundaries we have agreed upon are these:

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 U
H 184 146 108 84 59 34 28
F 161 112 79 48 17

However, it must be remembered that these are at best an educated ‘guess’ and so students (and parents) should know they are not 100% reliable.

The Cambridgeshire Maths Hub have also been collating local results from all their schools who do AQA to set boundaries.  Their results are as follows:

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 U
H 186 147 108 84 63 42 18
F 180 108 78 48 18

As you can see they are very similar (which is a relief!). The only issue seems to be what will constitute a 5 on the Foundation paper. This obviously has implications for us when deciding on tiers of entry.  It may have been skewed due to schools being cautious and entering possible 5’s in Foundation rather than for Higher. This is an area I will be keeping a close eye on over the coming weeks and months.


I know that the year 7 and 8 lessons are taking quite a long time to get through, which is fine. I’ll be adding to the lessons this weekend so you have a while to look over the content beforehand so that you are well prepared for the lessons, and are able to make any changes as required. Please feel free to email me if you want me to go over any of the lessons with you – I can always arrange time to come and work with you in person too.

Have a great weekend everyone.