Friday 25th November

Hello Maths

Before the multiplication lessons for Year 7, I was able to go over some of the ideas with the AL and WC teachers in a Thursday afternoon session. I was asked at the time if we would have the same for the division lessons.  Unfortunately we haven’t had that opportunity, and so in this bulletin I am going to share some of the ideas behind the lessons that will be coming soon.

I would like to share some videos from the NCETM that I have used to inform my planning for the Division lessons in year 7.  They show the use of place value counters, which we used in our earlier lessons on addition and subtraction.

These videos (the red links) are from Year 4 lessons.  I think that they show the progression in ideas really well. The Year 7 lessons don’t go as far back as this, but the ideas will certainly be useful when students are receiving intervention, or if students are really struggling with the algorithm for division.

The teacher introduces division vocabulary.

Consider the high expectations in terms of using the correct vocabulary.

Using place value counters and recording division

Notice how the children work in pairs where one manipulates and the other records. They then swap roles.  This has proved to be an effective strategy to develop both reasoning and fluency in the use of the formal written method.

Division with remainders

Notice how the pupils’ estimating skills improve as they become familiar with the use of the place value counters for division.

The pupils recognise a problem in the tens column and suggest that they will need to “regroup”. What do you think they mean by this, and what does this indicate about their understanding of place value?

Division with exchange

Notice how a thorough understanding of the physical process of re-grouping and exchange enables the children to use the language of re-grouping when talking about the algorithm.

Finally, we move onto a lesson from KS3 on solving problems involving division.

Problems involving division

In this lesson, the girls work on a variety of problems involving division and multiplication. I got a bit irritated with the girl drawing on her whiteboard rubber at 5:38, but I think it shows some of the conversations that some of our students might have.

The division lessons for year 7 will be on the site this weekend.

In other news

You will have noticed that there is a new ‘Primary’ tab at the top of the page.  This page will share some of the work being done in Maths at Bluecoat Primary. It currently has  a few links for you to look at so you can learn about Maths No Problem, which is the excellent scheme they use for their Maths lessons.  Please do take the time to have a look.

Later on this term, Krissie Dickens, the Maths Lead, will use that page to showcase some of the work they are doing in Maths. I think you will find it really exciting  to see the work the children are involved with.

Have a great weekend everyone,