March 10th

Hi Maths

Thank you to all the year 11 teachers at ALC and WPC for all the marking this week for the mock exams. Having looked at the results that are in, they seem very positive at first glance, with a vast majority of the students improving their marks, and many improving their overall grades. I will switch the ‘current grade’ on Tuesday to reflect the new grades, once all of the data is in.  I would just remind you that our boundaries are only our best estimate. Please reiterate this with your students, especially those on a ‘9’.

Some news that I received recently is that the average grade on the Higher Practice Set 3 from the uploaded schools’ data is just 37%.  Obviously, not all schools entered data, but there were around 11,000 students’ data entered. Practice set 3 were written at the same time as the real exam papers and are said to be of a similar difficulty.  With this is mind, I would predict a very narrow range of scores between the 4/5/6 grades.  The message for students here is that every single mark is vital, as only a few marks might be the difference between grades.

Other Years

I will be writing the Year 9 assessment 4 this week (Year 10 at BBA). Year 7 are due an assessment at the end of the Easter term, but from what people are telling me, the fractions lessons are taking quite a while, so it may be pushed back to after Easter, which is fine.  This assessment will include both the angles and fractions topic. Year 8 don’t have an assessment  after this unit.

Pi Day


All campuses are holding a pi recital competition on Tuesday. I wonder which campus will win? Please send me photos of the winners! If you have any other pi day activities in school, please let me know/take photos so I can include them in next week’s bulletin. Here are links to some pi day dingbats. I won’t post the solutions in case you want to try them yourselves. If you need them, drop me an email.

pi day dingbats extreme
pi day dingbats hot
pi day dingbats medium
pi day dingbats mild

Have a great weekend everyone!