Happy New Year!

Hope you have all had a lovely time with your family and friends over Christmas, I know I have – today has come as quite a shock! I have already written 2018 twice…

Three things from me this week:

Low Stakes Testing

As our curriculum is linear the importance of regularly retrieving prior learning has never been more important. I have a Year 10 class at NES and have tested them weekly for 20 minutes since the start of the year. Initially I did this as I wanted to get to know what they couldn’t do that they should have been able to do at this point! Now I know them fairly well I am continuing to test them weekly to ensure that they don’t forget how to solve simultaneous equations, use the Sine rule to calculate a missing angle and everything else they have learnt this academic year. The test I create is deliberately made with AO1 style questions and only changes subtly each week dependent on how the class do to encourage progress and a high rate of success for all. Individual progress is celebrated, rewards are given to students that see their moving average improve over time. A one-size fits all test isn’t appropriate as I believe that for low stakes testing to be most effective the tests should adapt to fit the needs of the class but I will share the tests I create for my class here. Please feel free to use/amend as necessary.

Year 10 Archway8 Spr1 Quiz1

Tutoring Opportunity

Aspire are looking for Maths tutors to help willing and eager Year 11 students after school for £25 per hour. Please contact Lee Miveld if you are interested.

Recruitment Event

We are hosting a recruitment event in at NES on Thursday 17th January 2019 at 5:30pm to 7:30pm. As ever we are interested in recruiting more high quality, dedicated Maths teachers to our teams across the trust, as well as senior leaders in a number of academies. If you know anyone that may be interested in joining us then please do invite them to come along!

Kind Regards