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Year 7 and 9 Common Assessment

You can find the Year 7 and Year 9 Spring Common Assessments in the assessment section now. The deadline for G4S data entry is 13/02/19. Thank you in advance for all your hard working marking these and meeting this deadline.

Year 11 Mock 2

I recently shared the following graph with the Principals to share how our progress measure in our Maths departments changed as last years’ cohort went from the end of Year 10 to Mock 1 to Mock 2 to Actual.

progress 1718 v2

It was interesting to notice that last year the progress was most rapid in the majority of our schools between Mock 1 and Mock 2. It will be interesting to see if a similar pattern emerges this year. The second mocks for Year 11 are starting in just over 2 weeks, I have been sharing this: GCSE Countdown! with my Year 11 classes in an attempt to motivate them further!

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