Hi all

Hope everyone had a great half term. Couple of things from me this week:

Year 11 Resources 

You will see I have started to upload revision lessons and other resources to this section. Last year I came across a lovely question linking ratio and linear graphs that I hadn’t seen or considered before, it was something like this:

x : y  = 2 : 1

(a)  Draw the graph of y as a function of x.

(b)  Write down the equation of your graph.

This could be asked of our students at either tier and I was concerned that many of my students may be thrown by connecting these two particular concepts.Please have a look at the lesson I created and feel free to use!

I recently discovered a fantastic set of reasoning and problem solving questions on AllAboutMaths, they were first published October 2016 but I have only just come across there is so much on this site. Have a look!

Spring 2

You will have seen a few more changes to our scheme of learning for this half term. Whilst Year 10 continues to be developed from scratch there is some new content in Year 7 and Year 9 this half term.

I will leave the old Year 7 Spring 1 lessons where they are for now but the idea is that these lessons are integrated into other half terms and lessons. The KS2 curriculum covers a lot of these concepts at depth anyway.