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Year 10 Curriculum

You will see that I have started to tier the curriculum in Summer 1 ready for the next half term. The majority of this half term was higher content so I am adding additional Foundation work originally taught in Year 8. Lesson resources will be uploaded throughout this half term in preparation.

If you haven’t seen https://goteachmaths.co.uk/ yet please do! I have used one of the lessons from there in Year 10 Summer 1. Some really good free resources there.

Maths in Science

Laura Hart shared this question from a Science mock with me recently:

She was surprised at the number of students who got it wrong. The students that were getting it wrong were trying to read the correct sector so my mind boggles as the pie chart is cut into tenths! Please ask this question of your foundation classes and share with me what answers they give.

Year 11 Mocks – Part 2

Hope these are going smoothly. If you haven’t already the INSIGHT report AQA provide following each summer exam period is worth a read. (You probably won’t have read it as it isn’t published until November and we have all long forgotten about the summer examinations by then!)

When June 2019 Paper 3 was completed by students in the summer AQA reported that:

“Overall, students did very well on this paper, with most questions performing as anticipated. Generally, the longer problem solving and reasoning questions were attempted by most students with many picking up some marks on high demand questions late on in the paper”

Nationally on higher tier students performed well with:

  • Using the Density Formula
  • Compound Interest
  • Changing the subject of an equation
  • Probability from Venn diagrams

In particular, Questions 17 and 28 were well attempted with Questions 13 & 16 the least successful.

On Foundation tier students performed least well with questions involving:

  • Angle Problems
  • Function Machines
  • Drawing a Pie Chart
  • Enlargement
  • Density
  • Compound Interest
  • Equation of a line

Does your class results mirror these findings? Worth considering when writing your next (and) final medium term plan for Year 11.

Thanks to Gareth from BBA for sharing this Year 11 revision resources he found this week. https://www.mathsdiy.com/gcse-numeracy-topic-booklets/

Hope you have a good weekend.