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CAF news

The Year 8 common assessment is ready, including the nurture paper. There is also a optional Year 10 end of term assessment, grade boundaries to follow. Year 10 students should have finished Spring 2 before they take this.

OFSTED visit NES Maths

This week NES Maths team “enjoyed” a Maths deep dive under the new OFSTED framework. It was quite intense…. a 30 minute interview with Ruth and I about all things Maths curriculum followed by an hours worth of lesson visits then an hour of student voice followed by an hour of work scrutiny (and more curriculum questions..). Then to top it off the teaching staff observed had an interview with the lead inspector at the end of the day and were again asked about curriculum, lesson sequencing, provision for disadvantaged students and workload. The feedback was extremely positive. Well done to the NES Maths team!


Another week, another website discovery! Although I vaguely remember hearing about this one before I hadn’t looked at it in much detail until this week. It is incredible and reminds me of the goal free problems strategy.

Here is a “prompt”, first students are encouarged to make observations and ask questions about what they can see.

Inquiries have started with comments like:

  • The blue sequence is going up in 3s
  • Where has the red sequence come from?
  • How are the expressions for the nth term of the sequences connected?

The main inquiry is investigating the relationship between the first two expressions and the third. Students could be encouraged to make a hypothesis about the relationship then test it out with other sequences.

There are so many fully resourced inquiry tasks on the website – I will be looking through them and feeding the best ones into our scheme. If you spot any you like please let me know!

Hope you all have a great weekend