Ratio and Proportion

Prior learning:  Year 8 Autumn 1 

Topic Foundation Higher
Ratio and Proportion

Exemplification questions

Sharing in a ratio, and problems involving this

Simplifying a ratio

Best buys

Relate ratios to fractions

Calculate percentages and percentage change

Calculate reverse percentages

Calculate compound interest

Form and solve equations using ratios

Interpret graphs that illustrate direct and inverse proportion

Compares lengths, areas and volumes of similar shapes

Describe direct and inverse proportion using an equation

Find the instantaneous and average rate of change from a graph

Foundation tier notes:

  • Any conversions between imperial units and metric units will be stated in the question.
  • Conversions between capacity and volume will be given in the question.
  • For a straight-line distance-time graph, know that the gradient represents speed.

Higher tier notes:

  • Students should understand that, for example, the number of fish in a small pond cannot continue to grow in population indefinitely and that certain assumptions will be made or used when modelling, for example a 10% increase in population per year.