8 Autumn 1

Using the bar model

Lesson 1  Use the bar model to solve word problems
Lesson 2  Use the bar model to solve problems involving ratio
Lesson 3  Using the bar model to solve more difficult problems
Lesson 4  Ribbons
Lesson 5  Supermarket Fundraising
Lesson 6  How much to tip?
Lesson 7 Ratio Tables 1
Lesson 8  Best Buys
Lesson 9  Best Buys consolidation
Lesson 10  Recipes
Lesson 11  Come Dine With Me
Lesson 12  Sales prices
Lesson 13  Using multipliers to find percentage decrease
Lesson 14  Percentage Increase
Lesson 15  Investigating multipliers
Lesson 16  Worded percentage increase and decrease questions
Lesson 17  Repeated percentage change

Half Term Check up