Year 11 BBA Autumn Term

Topic Foundation Higher
Ratio and Proportion Sharing in a ratio, and problems involving this

Simplifying a ratio

Best buys

Relate ratios to fractions

Calculate percentages and percentage change

Calculate reverse percentages

Calculate compound interest

Form and solve equations using ratios

Interpret graphs that illustrate direct and inverse proportion

Compares lengths, areas and volumes of similar shapes

Describe direct and inverse proportion using an equation

Find the instantaneous and average rate of change from a graph

Pythagoras, Trigonometry and Vectors Know and use Pythagoras’ Theorem

Find distances between points

Use trigonometric ratios to find missing sides and angles

Know the exact values of sin, cos and tan for certain sizes of angle

Write column vectors

Add, subtract and find multiples of column vectors

Use Pythagoras’ Theorem and trigonometric ratios in 3D shapes

Use the sine and cosine rules

Use the sine formula for the area of a triangle

Calculate with vectors and use them in geometric proofs

Factors, Multiples, Indices, Roots and Standard Form Calculate factors and multiples

List the prime factors of a number as a product

Calculate the HCF and LCM of numbers or expressions

Calculate powers and roots

Use the three laws of indices

Change between normal notation and standard form

Calculate with numbers in standard form

Use the laws of indices for fractional and negative powers

Simplify surds and expressions involving surds

Rationalise the denominator of fractions

Perform harder calculations with numbers in standard form

Sets and the Probability of Combined Events Use Venn diagrams to record outcomes and calculate probabilities

Know and use the set theoretic notation associated with Venn diagrams

Construct possibility (sample) spaces and use them

Use probability tree diagrams to calculate the probability of independent or dependent events

Calculate and interpret conditional probabilities