9 Autumn 2

Coordinate Geometry

This unit of work builds on work from Year 7 Summer 1. The lessons are included below to use as a recap if necessary.

The Desmos activity “Des-Face” was not included in Year 7 so could be a nice summary here.

Pre-lesson 1 Coordinate squares
Pre-lesson 2 Coordinate rectangles
Pre-lesson 3 Horizontal and vertical lines
Pre-lesson 4 Des-face using Desmos – teacher guide

As several of the lessons below require the use of computers or tablets, there may be an issue with booking equipment. The starred lessons can be left out, or completed at a later date.

It is recommended that some time is spent in departments familiarising yourselves with the Desmos classroom lessons.  Here is  a simple start up guide if you have never used it before.

Lesson 1 Points on a line
Lesson 2 Midpoints
Lesson 3 Boat hire
Lesson 4 Comparing expressions
Lesson 5 Baseball Jerseys
Lesson 6 Rules that connect coordinates
Lesson 7 Plotting lines using a table of values
Lesson 8 Finding a measure of slope
Lesson 9* Desmos classroom – polygraph part 1 and 2
Lesson 10 Desmos classroom –  put the point on the line
Lesson 11* Investigating y = mx + c using Desmos
Lesson 12 Defining lines by points, gradients and equations
Lesson 13* Desmos classroom – Match my line
Lesson 14* Desmos classroom – land the plane
Lesson 15* Desmos classroom – Marble slide
Lesson 16 Parallel lines
Lesson 17 Perpendicular lines
Lesson 18 Finding the x-intercept of a straight line

Half Term Check Up