3rd February

Hello Maths,

It was great to spend the day with you all on Monday. Thank you once again for your contributions and enthusiasm throughout the day.

As promised, the documents from the day are attached here.


I had added a couple of other things to the site this week: The oral assessments that have been developed by WPC and ALC for the year 7 Angles unit of work have been added to the Year 7 Spring 1 page, and the year 8 assessment which is in the usual place.  For some reason, the site is no longer allowing me to add password protected documents, so to get around that until I find how to fix the problem, I have added the assessment to a password protected page. The password is the usual one.

The year 8 assessment covers both the Autumn 2 and Spring 1 content. It would be useful to spend some time revising the content from last term during lessons building up to the test. If you do make any revision resources, please send them to me so I can share them with others.

Year 8 assessments (and year 9 at BBA) can be completed between now and two weeks after half term. Go 4 Schools markbooks will be updated this week.

The year 11 at BBA are currently sitting their second set of Maths mocks this week. Thank you to the year 11 teachers who have already put the scores in for paper 1. That is very speedy marking! ALC and WPC mocks will be a couple of weeks after half term.  We will be using the same grade boundaries as we used for paper 1, but please remember that these are only estimates, and should be used with caution.

That’s all this week – don’t forget to have a look at the Primary bulletin if you get the chance.