10th February

Hi Maths,

It’s been quite a busy week over here at Beechdale! With mock exams and Ofsted, we are certainly ready for a holiday. Well done to all the Maths staff who really worked well together and showed the Ofsted inspectors some lovely lessons.

(BBA staff – if possible, please could you have your results in by the start of the new half term so that Nick and I can sort the new groupings for the first week back).

Unfortunately, my plans to write the new lessons for next term had to be put on hold for a couple of days. I have now added two lessons for year 7 and two for year 8 for the start of next half term and more will come in the first week back (I’m away over half term). Year 7 are moving on to Fractions. This includes the ‘baguette’ lesson that we looked at on our July Inset, and also some ideas from lessons taught during the England-China exchange that the Maths Hubs are involved with. Year 8 are moving onto sequences. The order of the work in the unit may be a different order than you are used to teaching. This is to avoid finding the nth term as a procedure and to encourage students to look at the structure of the sequences first in an attempt to improve reasoning.

Year 10’s work follows on as usual after half term. I also haven’t written the assessment 3 for year 10 ALC/WPC. Again, that will be done in the first week back.

I have added Nick’s resources from the Inset on 30th Jan. They can be found in the folder with the others here.


Have a fantastic week off everyone. Normal service will be resumed in the new half term.