Hello all

Apologies that the bulletin is a bit late this week, I have been distracted by all of the exam reviews. It has been very interesting to analyse all the data from the summer examinations. Here are some highlights:

  • 80% of the cohort from Bluecoat Wollaton achieved grade 4+ which was the highest proportion to achieve a standard pass there since the days we were allowed to enter our students for their Maths GCSE as many times as we wanted.
  • Looking at the same measure, the proportion of grade 4+ achieved at BBA has essentially doubled within the last 2 academic years which is phenomenal!
  • The smallest gap between SEN and non SEN students attainment was achieved at NES. Across the country and all subjects the gap between SEN and non SEN is the largest but not with last years Y11 cohort at NES.
  • BAA achieved the largest proportion of students achieving a grade 7+ across all schools within the trust and achieved a positive progress score for A’Level Maths at Bluecoat Aspley Sixth Form.

I am now busy looking at the eAQA Question-Level analysis and will be sharing the findings of that with you all very soon.

Over the weekend both Nick and I read this blog about teaching mixed attainment. Its well worth a read: Mixed Attainment Teaching Mistakes.

Hope you all have a great week