Hello Maths,

Year 8 Common Assessment 1

The first official common assessment is ready. All Year 8 students across the trust should be doing this assessment next week in lessons. The assessment requires 50 minutes; if you have students that are officially allowed extra time then please allow for this and complete the assessment before a break to enable all students to complete it is one sitting. Scores need to be entered on to Go4Schools by Wed 7th November.

What it is not!

As we know the use of non-examples can encourage students to deepen their understanding of a particular concept. I enjoy thinking of non-examples and planning them into my lessons and now there is a new website created by Jonathan Hall  (author of Mathsbot) that is creating and sharing them too. Definitely a website to watch as more content is being added weekly.


Festival of Learning 2018

Our first whole MAT Maths CPL session this academic year is approaching. See attached. We will be looking at teaching for mastery in Year 10 and be discussing how we implement some of the strategies shared by the key note speakers. I look forward to seeing everyone together then!