Hi all,

Nearly there for this half term! Three things from me today:

Year 8 Common Assessment

Thank you for all the feedback I have received about this assessment and thank you to Wiqas at BAA for noticing that the instructions missed out that a protractor is needed. If your class is yet to sit it please make sure you have protractors ready!

Flipped Learning

This week the team at BAA have started to develop a number of flipped learning homework tasks for all year groups at BAA. I believe that effective flipped learning should enable students to get more from their lessons. As a result of students learning/revising basic concepts at home the time saved can be spent deepening learning within the classroom with our guidance. Flipped learning also enables us to facilitate more opportunities for students to develop their independence. The BAA team will be sharing these tasks within the lesson resources once they have quality assured them so watch this space!

Festival of Learning

Just a remainder that we are meeting after lunch at 1:45pm in the old SCITT building at BAA on Friday. I am looking forward to seeing us all together then, we will be looking at teaching for mastery within KS4.

Kind Regards