Hello everyone 

Year 10 Common Assessment 

Thank you all for your feedback on the provisional Year 10 Common Assessment. The Year 10 Common Assessment is ready and stored in our new assessment section on here. For security there is a new password to gain access to this page which I will let you know via email. 

The Year 10 common assessment is interleaved, as all the other common assessments will be. The proportions of work assessed is as follows:

20% from Year 9

40% from Year 10 Autumn 1

40% from Year 10 Autumn 2 

Please do not be tempted to teach to the test, we want and need the CAF data to reflect where our students are so we can help them make further progress. The deadline for Year 10 CAF data is Wednesday 19th December. 

Fibonacci Day 

Last week it was fantastic to see Bluecoat Wollaton celebrate Fibonacci Day.

They made Fibonacci Spiral’s in form time…

 And some “Fibs” later on in the day…

Time to start planning for Pi Day!