Happy December and Happy Friday!

Number Rolling on the BBC and ITV

Initially I wasn’t sure about number rolling; which is essentially whole class chanting of multiples to actions in a bid to help the recall of times tables. However as soon as I saw a Year 7 girl quietly and quickly number rolling her multiples of 7 to work out 8 x 7 I was sold. Obviously I would prefer her to instantly know the answer to 8 x 7 but as we are well aware, despite the tireless work of our primary colleagues, a number of our students don’t have the high level of recall we would like when they join us at secondary. It was lovely to see number rolling feature in the news reports filmed at BWA this week on both the BBC and ITV! If you didn’t manage to catch it, here is a clip from the ITV news report featuring our wonderful Michelle Booth (aka Number Rolling guru):

Year 11 Mock 1

The data is now all in, thank you for all of your efforts meeting the deadline on Wednesday. Having looked at historical data it appears that the greatest amount of progress made by our Year 11 students is made between now and Mock 2. I had assumed the most rapid progress would be between Mock 2 and actual but the data did not support by hypothesis! The medium terms plans for Year 11 I have seen so far have been fantastic, at NES in particular the medium term plans are very comprehensive with spaced retrieval topics also planned from the mock 1 QLA. Keep an eye on the Y11 section where I will share medium terms plan for comparable classes across the trust and resources to support. 


Lastly, thank you to Adam for sending me this lovely article about Mathematical Christmas Cards, if you don’t fancy letting your classes loose with needles and cotton here is a paper based version of this activity: