Hi all

Year 7 CAF 

This is ready to print and uploaded. The deadline for data entry is the 3rd June.

Thank you in advance for all your hard work ensuring that all students sit this assessment and that the data deadline is met.

Year 11 Paper 1

Have been thinking about the skills and knowledge that can only really be assessed without a calculator and have come up with following list:

  • Arithmetic with Fractions
  • Multiplication and Division with Decimals
  • Calculating with roots and with integer and fractional/negative indices
  • Simplifying and Rationalising Surds
  • Calculating with Standard Form
  • Calculating with Percentages
  • Knowing and working exact trig values (Foundation too!) (Year 10 Aut 1 Lesson 11)

Can you think of anything else? Let me know!


Thanks to Ruth at NES who recently showed me a different pattern for students to learn to help them remember the exact values for tan… of course!


This still requires students to be able to rationalise tan 30; if the question was to circle the value of tan 30 I imagine only the rationale form being available as a choice. Using special triangles also requires students to be able to rationalise though. Interestingly rationalising surds  is a Higher only concept so I am curious how Foundation students are expected to understand why the value of sin 30 is root 2 over 2 if they are only taught the specification. So far this topic has only come up twice on the Foundation tier, June 17 Paper 1 and Nov 18 Paper 1 as below:




No need to rationalise to get these right…

OnMaths.com have predicted a AQA Paper 1 by looking at previous series and seeing what has yet to be assessed. Students complete the predicted paper online and there is also a walk-through YouTube video that accompanies it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the 4 day week!