National Numeracy Day

Hi all

Happy National Numeracy Day!

If you haven’t seen this website raising the profile of numeracy across the country it is well worth a look.

What’s the issue?

It shares some worrying statistics such as “half of the population have the numeracy skills of a Primary school child”. There is also a numeracy quiz to take which is actually more challenging that I assumed it would be but also fairly lengthy!

Maths Websites

There are so many amazing Maths websites out there it can sometimes be a challenge not to forget one. This web page has links to lots of them (excluding BluecoatMaths though unfortunately..) – it is well worth bookmarking.

Lots of Maths Websites Page!

More Revision Resources

Thank you Alex for creating these Paper 1 warm up questions (with solutions) for both tiers of entry.

Paper 1 2019 Warm Up

My Year 11 class at NES were fantastic working with Circle Theorems last week but needed lots of support with the basic angle facts so I created this with a set of angle chase puzzles I found.


I printed out the appropriate slides nice and big and they worked in pairs working out as many angles as the could – essentially goal free angle problems to encourage students to not just focus on getting the answer but working out anything that they can. It worked really well, feel free to use.

Hope all the Y11/12/13 revision is going well!