Hi all

Hope you are all over the shock of being back/having to wake up very early!

Synoptic Questions

Thank you for your hard work creating a selection of these. I am busy converting them to PowerPoint and integrating them into our lessons at the moment. I think these questions are best introduced to students initially as goal-free problems to help students understand how these style of questions are often more accessible than they appear to be. I am creating a bank of goal free/synoptic questions for each half term for all year groups. See Year 10 Autumn 1 Lesson 22 and let me know what you think!

GCSE Results 2019

There were some exceptional results from across the trust this summer. For example the proportion of grade 9’s in Mathematics awarded across the trust was 3.5% which is above the county average of 3.2%. If you haven’t seen the map of GCSE grades by county it is here: Map of outcomes. This map doesn’t take into what the outcomes should be given KS2 performance but it is still interesting. I would like to investigate what is happening in Buckinghamshire where nearly 10% of 16 years old were awarded a grade 9 in Maths.

Year 11 Lessons 

Thank you to Alex from BAA and the BWA Maths team for collaboratively planning some lessons about vectors and similarity. These are continuing to be uploaded this week 🙂

Hope you all have a great week