Simultaneous Equations Revision

Solving pairs of simultaneous equations was introduced in Year 10 Autumn 2.

This set of lessons has been written using some resources from to enable students to recall and practice the process of eliminating variables to solve two linear simultaneous equations.

Lesson 1

Learning Objective: to be able to identify which operation to use to eliminate either the x or y variable from a pair of linear simultaneous equations.


Eliminating a Variable PPT

Lesson 2

Learning Objective: to be understand how to scale equations to enable the elimination of a variable.


Eliminating a Variable using Scaling PPT

Lesson 3

Learning Objective: to work out the value of the second variable.


Working out the other variable PPT

Lesson 4

Learning Objective : to consolidate all three lessons and fully solve a pair of linear simultaneous equations.


Consolidation PPT