Hi all

And hello and welcome to our new PGCE students! This year we are hosting six PGCE students for their first placement from both UoN and NTU: 2 @ BAA, 2 @ BBA, 1 @ NES and 1 @ BWA. Big thank you to all those involved in supporting them.

Year 10 Summer 2

I know many of us didn’t get time to finish off this unit of learning at the end of last academic year. Lessons are now up – please ensure you add them to your Year 11 medium term plans.

Maths Websites 

Adam regularly shares this list of websites with the Maths team at BWA. There are so many incredible Maths websites it is hard to keep track so here is a list from Adam to remind you of some! If anyone has anymore please let me know and I will share them on here.


So many resources! Great for exam-style questions, revision grids, customisable practice paper generator, manipulatives, puzzles, differentiated question generator etc. Just check it out!

Corbett Maths

A huge selection of videos and worksheets on every topic you can imagine. This also includes exam-style booklets, as well as practice exam papers.

SSDD Problems

Same Surface, Different Deep Structure maths problems from Craig Barton – discussed and contributed to last year – fantastic revision!

Variation Theory

Intelligent, varied maths practice from Craig Barton – as discussed during a recent faculty meeting. A cornerstone of the mastery approach, and enabling students to notice the connections within a topic.

Open Middle

Challenging Maths problems designed to stretch students – excellent for use as an extension task that can deepen rather than broaden.

What it is not!

The use of non-examples can encourage students to deepen their understanding of a particular concept. This new website, created by Jonathan Hall (author of MathsBot) is creating and sharing them.

Increasingly Difficult Questions

Another useful resource, increasing the difficulty of questions at an increased rate as students work through exercises.

Functional Maths

Plenty of resources to help both parents and teachers get the best out of their children. These include video tutorials, differentiated worksheets and exam booklets for topics.

Hope everyone has a great week!