Happy Friday all – hope everyone has had a good week!

Beautiful Books 

Now we are 4 weeks into the new year, how are our books looking? I spent the day at BWA on Tuesday and noticed stars on the front of students books.


The BWA Maths team are using stars on the front of students books to praise students for when their book work meets/exceeds expectations, like so:


Additionally, the front of students books are being marked with a dot to let students know that their book work is not up to scratch and needs improving. After three dots students are given a negative point and detention. Was great to see such a simple and effective way of promoting presentation.

More Maths Websites

This week at the MathsHub Subject Leaders meeting on Wednesday a few more useful websites were shared.

GiftedBA – some fantastic resources on here created by a lead teacher from Barking Abbey School.

BossMaths – Basic PPT lessons on everything! For free!

MathsBot – I know many of us use this site a lot already but I hadn’t seen the spaced retrieval starter generator before! So easy to use, with answers too. I know a lot of us are creating bespoke spaced retrieval activities for our classes, which is often very effective – but this tool can save us lots of time! Retrieval Starter


Again, if you find any useful Maths websites please share 🙂

Year 11 Resources 

I have just uploaded some Pythagoras revision lessons here: Trigonometry & Pythagoras Revision. I tried these with my Higher/Foundation Year 11 class at BBA this week and they worked well – getting students to recall basic area formula whilst applying Pythagoras’ Theorem.

Hope you all have a great weekend