Hi all

Hope everyone has enjoyed the half term break – how nice was it to have two weeks this year?!

Year 10 Common Assessment 

These are now online and can be found here: Autumn 2 Assessment.

The data deadline for the Year 8 Common assessment is the 15th November – thank you in advance for meeting that and for ensuring no students are missed!

Autumn 2 

I found this interleaving exercise via twitter this half term:


I have added it to Year 8 Autumn 2 Lesson 6. A great set of questions that follow our sequence of learning nicely given that students collect like terms in Autumn 1 and work with negative numbers and fractions throughout Year 7.

Also from Twitter I found this meme that made me smile and think of Year 10 as they start solving simultaneous equations this half term.


How true is this??

Hope you all have a great first week back