Hi all

Happy Sunday… Friday was manic this week!

Spaced Retrieval 

This last week I have observed a number of KS4/KS5 lessons at BBA, BWA, BAA & NES and saw lots of spaced retrieval opportunities which was great. As we know spaced retrieval is incredibly important. Hermann Ebbinghaus’ theory of the “forgetting curve” is the hypothesis that if we do not revisit learned information, then, over time, the likelihood of us remembering that information will be drastically reduced; which practically we all regularly appreciate!

ForgettingCurveWhilst we interleave prior knowledge into our curriculum, it doesn’t always make sense with all concepts (obviously!). The most effective spaced retrieval observed was bespoke to the class from different types of formative assessment (HW / low stakes quizzes / End of Year QLA); didn’t take more than 5/10 minutes and included an open ended question that enabled “quicker” students the opportunity to think more deeply about a particular concept. 

Please remember the MathsBot retrieval generator: MathsBot

Year 8 Common Assessment 

The two assessments are now uploaded here: Autumn 1 Assessment. It is important that all students sit the common assessment so that we can identify which students are in need of additional support. Thank you for all your hard work in advance meeting the data deadline of Friday, 15th November.

Another Maths Website! 

This week I have been looking through a site called Mathigon. The “PolyPad” section contains a selection of virtual manipulatives which are lovely; the fraction bars in particular may be of use to us as we finish the fractions work with Year 7.

Year 11 Teaching Resources

This week with my Year 11 class we have been revising angles and polygons as it was a clear weakness for their End of Year 10 assessment. I have uploaded the lessons I developed for this here: Angles

Hope you all have a great last week of Autumn 1