GCSE Problems of the Day 

Thank you to Michelle from BWA for sharing this resource this week :

GCSE-Problems-of-the-Day PPT

A lovely set of problems for our KS4 students from White Rose MathsHub. I have also saved this in our Year 11 Revision Resources section.

Fibonacci Day (23/11)

This falls on a Saturday this year so would be nice to celebrate Fibonacci Friday next week. Here is a resource to help you celebrate with your classes.

Fibonacci Day


Collaborative Problem Solving 

I found this old book at BAA this week and it reminded me of some fantastic team problem solving tasks I have done with classes throughout my career.


This week I have integrated some of these (at least one per year per year group) into our curriculum to facilitate more opportunities for problem solving and team work. In my experience they work best when students are in mixed groups of 3 and each student is given responsibility for 4 cards. I know chopping up sets of cards is very time consuming so I just photocopy the cards as they come (random) and cut them into thirds (student 1 gets cards 1 – 4, student 2 gets cards 5, 8 etc..) to save time. I then give students 5 minutes to read their own cards in silence before I allow students to start working together to solve the problem on a sheet of A3 plain paper. I insist students keep the four cards they were given at the start so all students remain involved.

Maths Websites Padlet 

For easy access I have created this padlet for us to be able to get to our favourite Maths teaching websites quickly : Websites we love

It can also be accessed from the Bluecoat Maths homepage.


Hope you all have a great weekend