Year 8 CAF Review 

The results are in and you should now be able to identify which of your students have under performed via Go4Schools and update your CAF reviews and plan your interventions accordingly.

Big thank you to you all – it appears as though every single student across the trust sat the Year 8 CAF (see below – no grey!!!). Maths are brilliant, as usual!


Why this? Why now? 

There have been lots of CPL at BBA and NES recently in light of the new OFSTED framework about curriculum sequencing and progression. I have produced some student friendly curriculum overviews to also provide students with an opportunity to know what we are teaching throughout the year and an opportunity to consider how topics are linked. Please stick these in/on students books.


Student Friendly Curriculum Overview Y7-Y10

Low Stakes Quizzes

As many of you know I love low stakes quizzing. The benefits of regular testing are well documented and from Craig Barton’s “How I wish I’d taught Maths” book include the following:

  • Testing provides feedback to teachers
  • Testing identifies gaps in knowledge
  • Frequent testing encourages students to study
  • Testing produces better organisation of knowledge
  • Testing can facilitate retrieval of material that was not tested

I have previously shared an example of a low stakes quiz Alex from BAA created  – I use this format with my Year 11 class at BBA each week and it is helping with their retention and engagement Quiz 5 111019

Katie has been sharing “Ten Minute Checkups” with her team at BWA – some examples of them can be found here. Thank you Katie!

Ten Minute check up Year 9 November Week 10

Ten Minute check up Year 10 November Week 9

Ten Minute check up Year 11 November Week 10

Happy Friday and Happy Fibonacci Day tomorrow