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Year 10 Foundation Pathway

I have now started to create a Foundation Pathway through the Year 10 Curriculum (see Spring 1). I will work on each half term as we go, please discuss with your Head of Maths about which pathway your class should be following. You will also see that I will be adding some Geometry to Spring 1 which also links nicely with the Science theme.

Any feedback and/or resources to supplement would be greatly appreciated, as always!

Compound Ratio

It is apparent from our Year 11 QLA’s that this topic is a particular weakness across the trust. Please do ensure that the Year 11 Ratio Lessons are included in your Y11 medium term plans.


If you haven’t seen it already; Resourceaholic has a whole section dedicated to ChristMaths.

Resourceaholic- Christmas Activities

Hope you all have a great last week! 5 more get ups!!